Questions you might have about PSLab.

What is PSLab?

  • Why PSLab?

    Having seen our work, people choose PSLab because they are familiar with what we do. Our projects are varied, our approach is flexible and creative but like any brand, we follow an identifiable aesthetic. The choice is personal. Much as you would favour one brand over another, you choose PSLab because you feel that our approach, based on personalized services rather than rigid standards, is what both your space and you need.

  • What’s the difference between PSLab and a lighting consultant?

    Like any good designer, lighting designers have their own distinctive aesthetic. Our design and build approach makes us different, out of industry norms. We use our products in | for our designs. They are tailor made. Design, developed and built in house for your project. We do not specify brands that are not ours.

  • Why at PSLab you don’t propose off the shelf products?

    At PSLab we are not a retail operation. We design and manufacture our lighting, with no catalogues or stocks. Our approach is project specific therefore we do not believe in an anonymous, off the shelf selling.

  • What does project specific mean?

    PSLab is concerned with the design and manufacturing details of a product but especially with its correct placement and use within a project. Our products are often a solution to an architectural or personal lighting need.

  • Why is this an advantage?

    Flexibility. Working with products we have designed gives us the ability to tailor these products to the specific project. Dimensions, colours and materials can be altered to suit the space.

  • What type of products does PSLab manufacture?

    Since its conception, PSLab designed and built a solid collection of hundreds of products, ranging from architectural lighting solutions to feature decorative pieces. We are constantly experimenting on technical solutions, new technologies, materials, design and finishes.

  • What makes PSLab objects unique?

    Other than our context specific approach, at PSLab we have a fascination for the materials, the craft and the technique. Our production is based on unique manufacturing skills and tradition. Our items are hand finished with an attention to details, producing objects of permanent value.

What can/does PSLab do?

  • Do you only design and manufacture lighting products?

    While we are still best known for our lighting, PSLab is home to a wide and diverse range of talents. We have designed and manufactured our office furniture, from desks, chairs, upholstering, benches, shelving systems, even the storage boxes. We are often asked to design and /or manufacture metal works for ongoing projects.

    We are always looking to add to our range and expertise.

  • What sort of projects do you work on?

    Private residences and much more: Retail spaces, offices, hotels, restaurants, galleries, museums, cultural and public spaces, marine projects, landscape and outdoors.

    We are also frequently invited to produce special installations for design related events.

  • Can you manufacture a product another design consultant has created?

    We prefer to build what we design.

    However, if we can collaborate on the design of the product in question, by involving both our creative and technical teams, to ensure it reflects our identity and meets our standards, we can arrange for this possibility.